FreeFMA Oekaki

We currently have two boards for people to draw on, and each has different ideals of what it's supposed to be. Please read the quick descriptions before registering/posting at either.

The Eyewitness Account
The Military is on the lookout. They need you, the eyewitness, to give the best description of the character that you can. The more detail, the better. You need to spend at least 20 minutes drawing them, and your effort must be visible. The Military doesn't take lightly to jokes, and you must support your country.

Winry's Doodle Book
When she isn't off saving the Elric brothers from some disaster they've gotten themselves into, she has plenty of freetime - which is often spent doodling away in her notebook. Doodle as you please here :) No time limit or anything, but spam still isn't appreciated. Have fun!